How To Write A Cover Letter

How To Write A Cover Letter

A cover letter is an introductory letter for any application. It is also called a “letter of application,” It is written when you are applying for a specific job or internship opening. This letter provides the opportunity for you to call attention to your education, or experiences that are appropriate to the position. You must always send a résumé with your cover letter.

It has four major ingrdient

1. Introduction of the purpose of writing “I write to apply for the post of a Front Desk Officer published on National Daily on 4th August, 2018”

2. Introduction of the writer, the writers’ qualification and brief work experience

3. Why are you the most qualified candidate? This will tell the HR to invite you for aptitude or test

4. Briefly summarize your past achievement(s) and why you want to work with them. You must conclude in a very attractive manner

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