Fidson Healthcare PLC is recruiting

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Fidson Healthcare PLC is recruiting


  • Documentation Officer
  • Chemical Analyst
  • In-process Quality Assurance Officer

Fidson Healthcare Plc, proudly Nigerian, is a leading pharmaceutical company which has evolved from being a distributor for multinationals in 1995 to full-fledged manufacturing, sales and marketing company with a strong brand.

At Fidson Healthcare Plc, we are not just a family. We are an inclusive one; there is no glass ceiling. Every height is attainable, and every opportunity is open. Our high-flyers cut across generations, religions, cultures and genders.

The opportunities that abound in Fidson are strategic and exhilarating! We are a company with great foresight, letting you do career exploits by pushing through mirages of “limitations”, “challenges” and every other name they are called.

Our business family offers unlimited career potential, topnotch on-the-job training, beautiful work ambience and other great benefits you’d love.


We seek proactive and innovative individuals who can think on their feet and deliver excellent results consistently. Our ideal candidates are organised, meticulous, self-driven, receptive to learning, team-spirited and can sustain the passion to make an effective impact in a fast-paced work environment.


•  Effectively manages all controlled documents such as Batch Records, SOPs, Specification Documents, Test Protocols, Validation Documents etc. to prevent unauthorized access, use, disposal, etc.

•  Ensures traceability of all quality documentation (e.g, batch documents, certificates of analysis, etc.) through effective storage and retrieval system.

• Manages documentation process to ensure that all deviations/ investigations/ change control, incidents are duly documented, completed, communicated, approved and appropriately filed.

• Conduct Periodic Product Quality Review in order to determine the current quality profile of the products and promote their continuous improvement.

• Provides all necessary technical information required for on-time registration of existing and new products by NAFDAC and other relevant regulatory bodies

•  Organises effective destruction of operational document/ quality records at the end of its expiry life i.e. annual destruction of MBS & PBS.

• Monitor compliance with the Regulatory Procedures SOPs and ensure that they are updated regularly as required.

• To ensure all Manufacturing/Packaging Batch Product documents are duly signed by respective authorities.

•  To effectively carry out validation and qualification of equipment and processes.

•  Prepares a weekly report on all activities on the job.

• To assist in any other areas of work within the section as appropriate.


• Undertakes general quality assurance audit of production processes (including but not limited to materials dispensing, product manufacturing, packaging, release and storage), personnel gowning and safety, production premises and good housekeeping, products and equipment in compliance with cGMP and Fidson Quality Policy to ensure production of consistently high- quality products.

• Ensures that all observed incidents of on-line process violations, deviations and product quality complaints are reported, corrected and documented.

• Generate routine QA compliance shift reports and communicate all non-compliant observations and the corrective actions taken in the reports.

• Issues line clearance for manufacturing and packaging processes, having ascertained that all necessary GMP requirements have been met.

• Ensure good housekeeping, personnel hygiene, appropriate gowning and environmental cleanliness are maintained on all production lines.

• Undertake final spot-check of finished products to ascertain that the final product quality is satisfactory prior to release and storage.

• Ensures that major and critical non-conformities are promptly reported to the QA Manager for resolution and disposition.

• Keep up to date/real- time records of in-process observations of production processes and product parameters.

• Ensures that only duly calibrated and specified equipment are used for manufacturing and other related activities.

• Enforces strict compliance with cGMP to ensure the manufacture and supply of good quality products.

• Implement withdrawal and retention of representative samples of packed products, from production lines.

• Ensures all process control forms are accurately completed by production operators, real-time.

• Any other jobs that may be assigned.


• Perform efficient Physico-chemical analysis and evaluation on water samples, raw, and intermediate materials, finished products, stability studies and products undergoing Research & Development, returned products, etc., in accordance with Fidson Quality Policy requirements and other international compendia (USP, BP, Ph Eur., etc.).

• Apply Material Safety Data Sheet for all materials and products in use and ensure adherence to all HSE directives on the use of work equipment, environment, tools, materials and products to forestall occupational hazard due to handling and exposure during material sampling and testing.

• Develop, review and implement Analytical Testing Procedures (ATPs) and related documentation (e.g. SOPs) for regular and special starting materials, packaging materials, intermediates and finished products.

• Develops and reviews relevant process SOPs in relation to cGMP and GLP to ensure all major procedures are documented, current and approved.

• Preparation, Standardization and Documentation of Volumetric Solution and other Analytical Reagents to ensure testing accuracy and reliability.

• Participate in Analysts and analytical methods validation and development of new product formulation.

• Ensure adherence to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) in order to maintain world-class laboratory operations.

• Ensure proper preparation, documentation and safekeeping of reference and working standards.

• Maintain and update Trend analysis for raw materials and finished products.

• Any other duties as may be assigned.

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Job Features

LocationFactory- Ota, Ogun State
DepartmentQuality & Regulatory Affairs
Academic QualificationFirst Degree in Chemistry (Bio/Pure/Applied/Industrial),Microbiology and other related science courses.
Required Years of Experience2-4 Years

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